Countdown Chains

I have always made little chains to count down school days until Christmas Break. This year(and the past few) I have been too tired to actually care and to be honest, time is actually flying by. There are only four days of school left.  

Having something to countdown to actually seems to make the time go faster and the wait less painful though. I am very excited for my trip to Wisconsin, even if it comes during a very busy time as we prepare to move. There are only seven wake ups until that day!!!

My sister’s family always counts time in wake-ups. I didn’t quite understand that concept until I had kids of my own. See, little kids have no concept of time. They are very good at living in the now! But they can get the concept of wake ups because they can measure time by how many sleeps are in between this day and that day. We are very excited for our adventures to Wisconsin around here. 

What are some things you are looking forward to right now, besides the holiday of course? 

I am also looking forward to moving into our new house, which will then become our home! Inbeteeen then and now , I am looking forward to the end of my day long training today(trainings aren’t my fav), signing day, the end of being just a tenant in the home we have owned for five years(it’s just weird), hugging my mom, my cousin’s Christmas get together, the Ficklin family Christmas party, my school’s Christmas party at Brick Oven, the White Elephant extravaganzas at both parties, and rest, I always could use a bit of that. 

But who’s counting?


It’s Beginning to Look...

Guess what he asked for?

It’s amazing how a few decorations make a difference.

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

I have to say that the nativity that my parents still have is pretty much my favorite. It’s the true meaning of the season, afterall.

But I do also have a teeny-tiny Christmas tree that was given to me by a cute little family that also ranks up there. One year when I mentioned not having a tree, they showed up with the cutest little tree with lights and candy decorations. It made my year and as it was aglow on our mantle tonight I was reminded how special that occasion was. Thanks again Pipes family! You’re generosity and friendship still shines strong today! I’ll add a photo of it in the morning.

And that felt tree for my kiddos is always a hit.

It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


What I’m Listening To These Days:

I labeled myself a music nerd this morning when I shared this picture with friends:

I was actually looking for a Dolly Parton Christmas album on Apple Music but found this gem and enjoyed it while getting ready this morning. 

Do any of you just love music like this music nerd does? What are you currently obsessed with? I’m always looking for more music to explore and experience. 

Obviously, I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson lately.  

Her new album is candy to my ears. It is just so soulful and fun. I am always still in awe at how that girl can sing. 

I am often listening to Christian Rock music. It just makes me feel the spirit and brings light into a sometimes dark world. My favorite two albums are “Lifer” by MercyMe

And Casting Crowns new Christmas Album, “It’s Finally Christmas.”

I also am really enjoying Jiil and Kate’s Podcast, “Girls Just Pod to Have Fun.”


If you haven’t discovered their music, you must go to your streaming app of choice and check out the song “Same Side”. All of their music is awesome but that song just gets me. Ellis even loves to sing it because he finds it fun that they say brother a lot!!! Four year olds are funny. But seriously, these two and there harmonies. Smooth and amazing. Check them out. Their podcast is entertaining and funny and their music is a treat. You’re welcome. They are also blogging here.  They are the inspiration for me to blog everyday this month. They are better at not missing days than I am. (Oh well, it is what it is.)

Don’t forget to let me know what you are listening to either in the comments here or on instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Happy listening!


A Tired Mommy 

Short post. Long week. Glad it’s Friday and pizza will be on its way shortly. What are your weekend plans? I’m just gonna enjoy being a mommy sandwich.  Maybe I’ll pack a box or two. Maybe not. It’s closing week next week. Monday we sell, Thursday we buy. The journey to new home ownership is exhausting. But, the good news is that it is sounding like new carpet and electrical will get done in time to move in the first week of January. The stars are aligning and I need to keep remembering just how blessed we truly are. 



The best things about Christmas, now that I am a parent, is being involved in the process of making my children’s Christmas magical. Today this is what Twinkie brought to E and Z today. For E: Play Doh and an emoji backpack. I’m not sure why he loves emojis so much, but he does. The cars are for Z. I have been feeling lately that she needs some of her own toys. I get that all the toys before her arrival really were E’s, but I hate that she often has toys ripped from her hands and her brother says: “Baby, that’s not yours!”  Twinkie is a tradition that still runs strong in my husband’s family. Each day of December, before Christmas, Twinkie comes and delivers little prizes. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s supposed to work. The balance of trinkets and toys to just treats is hard for me. The other hard thing is falling asleep without setting the Twinkie prizes out. Luckily, E is a pretty sound sleeper because the prizes were in the same room that he was sleeping this morning. Don’t worry, Twinkie is getting wiser and the box is now located closer to the drop off spot!!!

What are some of your favorite family traditions that are unique to your family? Please share in the comments. I know you all are reading, but give me a comment or two to read as well.