Cookie Heaven

This is heaven to me:

It is also proof that my sister loves me...she saved dough for me to eat raw. (But wait, maybe she had ulterior motive and wanted me to die of salmonella poisoning)

She’s too nice for that guys!

I have lots of fond memories of sitting around the table with family and decorating cookies. Today my kiddos got their first experience with it and it was so fun to watch and be a part of.

Great memories.


A Break

I have not blogged every day this month. I kinda struggle everyday when I think about what I should or could write about. In fact, I started a post before I started writing this and realized that I already had posted about the same exact subject earlier this month. 

So, I’m asking myself why I cannot come up with any subject matter to write about and then I realized something. I am on vacation. I am in a place where it is perfectly okay to do absolutely nothing and that feels wonderful. 

What have I done this vacation? I have visited with kin and friends, I have watched some TV shows that have sat for weeks in my DVR(I even snuck in watching a movie, “Collateral Beauty” is wonderful if you haven’t seen it), I went on a date with my cute husband(the new Star Wars movie is also enjoyable.), I’ve eaten much too much, I’ve fed my baby and cuddled with her lots and lots(that is something I don’t always make time for or have the time to fully, consciously enjoy), I’ve had lots of hugs and have kissed many faces of people I do not get to see as much as I would like, I’ve done sudoku, I’ve started the same “Peppa Pig” on my parents On Demand nearly one hundred times, I’ve opened many presents and wrapped lots too, I’ve bowled an almost 100, I’ve shopped with my mom, I tried to cherish the holiday even though it seemed to race past me and I now have realized that I have actually done lots of stuff lately but in a whole different, slowed-down kind of way. 

So, I guess I do have things to write about but maybe I just haven’t wanted to use the energy to do so, and that is perfectly okay. 

Just being is perfectly okay. 



Home is where you hang your hat and we have a new place to hang our hats. We recently bought a house and it is the best Christmas present ever(besides the first Christmas, that is!). 

It was official Wednesday and we move on January first. We have room for visitors so please come visit us. 

You can always hang your hat here for a few days or more if you need it!



Stop and smell the orchids...

We had an awesome stay at my sister’s house in Madison last night. She always makes us feel at home and makes the transition from traveling to home easy. E even said from the driveway: “I love playing at Andi’s house”. I have always loved playing there!

We stopped at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens on our way out of Madison. They have a real cool railroad Christmas display and their indoor  garden is amazing. 

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the orchids. 


Magic Ring

It may not seem that significant, it being silicone and not gold and diamonds, but this ring has magical powers. 

Maybe it isn’t even the ring so much as it is the faith of the boy who asked to wear it today. Sometimes he is afraid to go to a class all by himself, well maybe not all by himself, but to him it may feel that way. 

I don’t know where my inspiration to tell him the story came from. Well, at least to some it may seem crazy when I say that the inspiration came from a loving Heavenly Father who both knows me and knows Little Ellis. This diety knows both of us individually and wholly. He knows that sometimes I don’t have all the answers to calm His and my son and He knows  exactly what can and will calm His son, so he bridges that gap through still , calm inspiration. 

The story I came up with that day was inspired by Him. I told Little Ellis, while he was upset about going to his children’s class at our church, that I had a special ring that had special super powers. I said that this ring can make you do hard things. I told him I knew that if he wore it, he could be calm and that he would even have fun while doing that hard thing. 

We sat, on cold concrete steps just feet from his classroom and he thought about it for a few minutes finally asking: “can I wear it now, mommy?”

I put it on two of his tiny fingers and took him by the hand leading him back up the stairs and through the door. He let go and said in a loud voice, “I can do it, I can do hard things!” And he did and he did it again today. 

Sure it isn’t anything special and it could even be considered cheap, but that ring has some super magical powers. That ring reminds both Ellis and I that we have divine power to overcome anything that stands in our paths. We can do hard things because we have the help of a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to make the little, insignificant things important and even powerful!

What inspiration have you had lately?