Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I know, I need to quit complaining about snow because it is winter after all. I really don't think I can not complain about it. I really should have picked someplace where it does not snow to live. SIGH.

I may be stuck in Salt Lake for the night, which means I will have a very early morning commute tomorrow morning to get to work for the day. That will be a challenge. I am hoping it will let up and let me drive home tonight. SIGH again!

This weekend has been good. I got to sleep in yesterday and then I headed up to Salt Lake to visit with my friend Christina and her family. I played rugby at Utah State with her as well as spent a lot of time in English classes with her. It was so nice to re-connect. Her little boy is also very, very cute and her husband is so very nice. He fried up some Alaskan Halibut for fish tacos and they were so very yummy!

I stayed with the Bills. They are always so nice to me and let me stay at Hotel Bills. It is a lot like Hotel California but different!

My girls basketball team lost again on Friday but they did much better with defense. I am hoping that we can play like we did Friday against the team we play on Friday. I am very optimistic that we could actually get a W.

Well, I hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are because I am not. Night!

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