True confession: I have an addiction to Cadbury Mini Eggs. I love them. I think it is a very good thing that they only come out once a year. Actually, if they were around all year long, would I still love them so much? I am on bag one. I am limiting myself to only two bags between now and Easter!

Life has been pretty non-exciting the past few days. I work. I work out. I go home. I watch TV. Time is flying by right now. I cannot believe that we are practically in March. That is crazy.

A week from today my mom flies into town. I am very excited for this. I don't have much of a big plan of activities for her but she will be coming to work with me next Friday. The students are pretty excited to meet her as is all of the staff at my school. Should be fun.

*Mom, we can still go to Red Robin, they have stuff besides burgers! WE do have a Red Lobster too! I haven't been there in a long time.

What else? I think that is it for now. Oh, I bet you want to know about other addictions too. Mafia Wars on Facebook as well as Street Racing on Facebook. I really have no life. Chocolate milk has been a staple lately.

Well, have a fab day. Secret: blogs can now be read at school. Ha, I do not know how or why but I like it!


dancinthan said...

Love! Love! Love cadbury eggs, too. Help your mom create a facebook. She'd have fun with it!

Moo said...

Cadbury Eggs are indeed addictive. I had some at Christmas (They had red and green ones). The U.S. has some of the worst chocolate, except for that nasty stuff at the Olympic party.

MOM said...

I'm excited, too.

Cadbury eggs are a wonderful tradition!!

dancinthan is right--maybe we can do it while I am there.

I leave in seven days and three hours.

Love, MOM

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love the big cadbury eggs. I buy them and hide them so that I can be selfish and not share! I do get the kids special treats so I am not all bad. I got Kefford the mini chocolate ones and he likes that. :)