My mom and sister are hilarious. They were very worried about me when I did not call back fast enough and even were calling the hospitals in my area to see if I was in one of them. Funny...I am okay. I haven't gotten back my ultrasound results so I don't know anything. This is why I had not called. I guess I didn't have any news. Bad Alice for not calling back. Sorry mom!

Not much else on this end. It is official, basketball season is over for me. I am glad. It is weird though. It went fast. We lost our last game. Bummer.

Well, I better get to bed and sleep. It makes me less cranky. Weekends are not nearly long enough!


MOM said...

It's all about love--


Elizabeth Peterson said...

oh my goodness! I hate being sick and your kind of sick sounds really bad! Do you think stress is making it worse? Take care of yourself!