I wish...

So, if I were in Paris right now...I would probably have no clue what the people were talking about. I would also wonder why the women do not shave.

Other than that I would be having the time of my life.

I like this whole photo booth thing on my new mac. It actually is not a new mac, it just has a new operating system.

Today was a day. We had the kids for only a half day so we could grade some writing tests. It was a thrill. We did have a spectacular pot luck lunch. I like good free food.

I made my girls come back for practice later in the afternoon. It actually was a good thing. We had to have a heart to heart with one of the girls because she was feeling a bit alienated by the team and there was some gossip going around about her. It was a good thing because she was going to quit and we helped her not. She happened to be the same girl that got us into overtime on Friday.

Other than that the day was pretty boring. I am off to bed now. I have been going to bed a little earlier and watching a TV show on my iPod while in bed. It is fun.

Well, later.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Paris would be interesting but I really only have in mind of visiting english speaking countries. Next on my list is Ireland. It would be harder to understand because of the accents but at least most of it is English.