I am not Catholic anymore but there is one of the Catholic traditions that I continue. I celebrate Lent. Each year I give up something for the 40 days before Easter. This year it is burgers, fries, and soda. Some people in my circle doubt that I can do this. They are so silly. Hello, I make it through every year!

I encourage all of you to give up something to show some sort of sacrifice in your life to celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. It makes you a better person and stronger. I totally recommend it. I also recommend sleep. I will now go do that myself.

Seeing it was Fat Tuesday, I ate a burger, large fries, and Coke for dinner. 40 days will be a challenge but I am totally in!


MOM said...

So no red robin while I visit.

Is there a red lobster in provo?

Love MOM

Elizabeth Peterson said...

um.... what about our big plans for a red robin date? Now what? I had my heart set on it. I guess it's ok since its for Lent and all but...now what..?

Moo said...

I've given up sugar (it wasn't intentionally for Lent). I'm now 7 full days without sugar (fruit doesn't count). Good luck. As for the previous Red Robin queries, you could still go to Red Robin as they do serve things besides burgers :)

Alyssa Brown Ronquillo said...

I am giving up fast food. I need to stop spending money trying to get rid of all the extra weight from it.

BloggingBills said...

You go girl! I only give up soda and that's hard enough!