New Slippers

Sometimes you need something to perk you up and make your day. These slippers that I paid a whole 4 dollars for were just that perk. It was a nice thing.

I did laundry and I hate doing laundry.

The feelings are work are just not as upbeat as they usually are.

I am glad for slippers.


Elizabeth Peterson said...

yay for slippers! I tried to do the same thing on saturday when I bought a couple new clothes items, but the guilt was too much and now they are sitting by my door waiting to be taken back!

kri said...

Is that an empty icecream bucket in the background with a spoon? Makes me want icecream. I like the slippers.

joanna said...

you know, I used to get myself slippers every new year, for college, and life just isn't the same without a fresh new pair! You are sooo right!

MOM said...

I like your slippers.
I want to come and visit your school, you, and all your extended family. I priced flights--I can get good deals any time for your birthday weekend. Tell me when you want me I will be there. Can we make lasagna and lounge in your house with your friends one night--they are all great.

Love ya--remember your are where you are supposed to be--sometimes we are just more tested than we want to be--buck up, enjoy the slippers, and let's plan an adventure. Love , MOM