Wednesday...half way there, right?

Hey. Just got home from playing The Wii at a friends house. I like the Wii.

Today in Leadership class we made our Valentine's Boxes. I think the kid are pretty excited to have a party. One of the kids actually said today: "Alice, you are making Valentine's fun again!" Funny how they think it was all my idea when they actually brainstormed the party idea! Silly kids. I am glad we have decided to have the party because I usually get a little blue on Valentine's. I usually call it Singles Awareness Day because you never feel as single as you do on Valentine's Day. SIGH.

I am tired. I should be sleeping. Maybe I will go do that now!

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Anonymous said...

Seester- You made quite a large slot for your Valentines. It leads me to believe that you are going to recieve many and LARGE cards of love and appreciation- which you deserve! It also leads me to believe that your heart & eyes are wide open.....for all the adventure that life has in store for you:-) You rock!