a.k.a. 32. I stopped counting my age at 20. I just add the years on that I am past 20. Like 20-12 equals 32. Get it?

Birthday life has been pretty fun. The chili-mac party was a success. Thanks to all of you who came. Thanks also to the wonderful people who have given me awesome presents. It has been a wonderful birthday. I truly have awesome friends and I am very thankful for each and every one of you!

My mom spoiled me on Saturday. She bought me a new ball glove, ball bag and hiking boots. She is so nice. I sure do like her and not just because she buys me stuff. I think she is a wonderful person who is so caring and easy to get along with. It is going to be hard to put her on a plane tomorrow and say goodbye for a few months. It has been such an awesome time with her. I feel so lucky to have had her to be part of my celebrating.

Tonight we went up to the Bills. It was a blast. They are really such nice people. I like to call Josh "poop" because he was being one by pretending to be sleeping while I tried to get him to come eat dinner. Silly teens. I also enjoyed the company and the food and really loved the singing of "Happy Birthday." The Bills way to sing is very exciting because everybody picks their own tune and key. Mixed together it probably bugs the heck out of all the dogs on the block. I love it. I hope you enjoy the video! :)


Elizabeth Peterson said...

Love the singing! I am glad you had a great birthday! Love ya much!

Marla said...

Wish I could have been there! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday and party. Happy 20-12!!!!

The Wolford Family said...

You know it's SOOOO much better hwen you add mine and morgan's voice.!!!! I'm glad you had a good time!!!

Marci and James said...

Happy Birthday Alice!! Thanks to Alyssa I've been able to keep up on all of your news, I love your blog!

MOM said...

I had a great time. Your friends are wonderful. Even your students surprised me. You do such a great job with them.
My plane ran late, but I met a nice lady from New York and had a sandwich with her.
Love your house--there is room for me to live--good think I need to work isn't it?
Your friends are all special. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate my trip for Alice's Birthday. Love MOM