Blogging Slacker

Apparently my desire to be a regular blogger went on vacation for the weekend. I apologize for that. The weekend wasn't very exciting. I did a lot of hanging out in my apartment. I like my apartment.

Friday I played games with some friends.

Have I told you how awesome the movie The Secret Lives of Bees is? It is amazing and you totally should see it. Very artistically brilliant. Great storyline too! You should watch it. I watched it with friends last week.

What else? Not much here. Just cruising through each week getting excited for spring break which starts on the 15th. Yipee. I plan on just chillin' like a villain while in Vegas. My friend asked me the other day what I wanted to do in Vegas and that is how I answered. I am perfectly content with spending time in the pool, bowling(the hotel we plan to stay at has a bowling alley) and watching movies(the hotel also has a movie theatre).

Well, I am off to sleep so I can be cheery for another day tomorrow. Thrills. Is it summer yet?


MOM said...

Sounds like a fun plan for spring break.


Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am anxious to hear all about your fun times in Vegas. I am coming back to Utah, this time kidless, towards the end of the month and really want to hook up with you.