The First Slurpee of the Year!

I play tennis with a friend from work frequently. When we do play tennis, we always go to get Slurpees from Seven-Eleven after we play. Today was officially the first Slurpee of the season. That is a big deal. Playing tennis in shorts and a t-shirt in the sun just felt so good. I am enjoying the warm weather, even though I am being a realist and think it will probably get cold again.

Have you seen the Geico commercial with the stack of money that has eyeballs on top of it? Supposedly this is the money you would save by switching to Geico. Anyway, this got me thinking about how I have this pair of jeans in my closet that just keeps staring and vexing me. Basically, these are the pants I could wear if I would lose ten pounds. I really think that those jeans are just about as annoying as that stack of money! :)

Good, quick day. Tomorrow the NCAA Basketball starts. I am so excited. I love March Madness.


MOM said...

Wish I would have a slurpee with you. The weather is nice--but always a little chance of snow.

We are celebrating Elizjah's birthday here tomorrow. Baked a
cake and made cookie dough.

Jeff has to sing Sunday so thay are having an early dinner with us and driving back. Love MOM

BloggingBills said...

Is that a coke slurpee? I don't do coke slurpees (the only kind I ever get anyway) during Lent.

I'm jealous!