Happy Birthday Bro!

Today is my brother, Erich's birthday. He is quite amazing. I have always looked up to him and hope he knows how much I love him.

Sorry for not writing much the past week. I guess there hasn't been a whole lot going on.

I did have a good lunch with a good friend on Saturday. I then got to see Alisha, who lives in Logan. That girl sure makes me laugh. I think people think we are pretty crazy whenever we are together because we giggle and giggle and giggle.

Crazy that March is going so fast. Also crazy that the third term ends this Friday at school. Whoa, time is flying. I really need to get caught up on grades. Good thing I have laundry to do. I seem to get lots done while at the laundromat.

Well, I am off to school. It is supposed to be 65 degrees today. I am planning a bike ride in the canyon. Exciting!


joanna said...

Hey, happy Birthday to your brother, and my neice (who is 2) and Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love today. Have fun in the canyon. If I still had my bike, I'd totally want to tag along!

MOM said...

St. Patrick's Day is just a fun day. Wear green and have a party.

Time is going fast.

Enjoy your ride--miss seeing you each morning.

Love MOM