Sometimes there aren't really any big things that happen throughout the day. Sometimes there are just highlights. I had two such highlights today.

The first highlight was having a catch with my new baseball glove(Thanks MOM!) and another one of the teachers, Tom, from my school. We had a blast just playing catch and talking for about an hour. It is very comforting to know that there are good guys out there and it is also good to just have a chat with a good man sometimes. I also was very glad to be breaking in my new glove. I am pretty excited about it.

The second highlight was getting a call from my friend, Melanie, and then being able to go and visit with her. She is a good friend and helped give me a little perspective on something I have been a little pensive about lately. It is great to have good friends. What would we do if we had to just wander this world aimlessly alone? It was also nice to visit with Melanie's little 7-month old, Mable. Man those kids grow fast, don't they?

Well, other than the highlights, it was just the same old same ol'.

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BloggingBills said...

Rita, thanks for sharing some highlights. We all need em and your's were terrific.
Love ya!
UT. Dad