Practically Friday.

Whew...it has been a long week. We only had kids at school four days this week but it has felt much longer. I am very excited to have a weekend. I think the burnout continues. :)

I had dinner last night with some real good friends. My friend Joanna is moving to Denmark at the end of the week. That is kinda sad to me but happy for her because she married a Danish man. I think I am going to have to find me some European man so I can move over there! Maybe the men in other countries are much less annoying and frustrating.

Well, I think that is it. Later.

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joanna said...

i wouldn't say they are Less annoying or frustrating, but I think having an accent helps diminish the effects of their inevitable annoying-ness (they are still men after all) haha.

I'm glad we hung out. Jenna needs to send us those pictures too!

p.s. watch the latest video on my blog...