Steak, Eggs, Mini-Eggs, and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

For lack of exciting subjects to put on this post, I just put a list of the things I ate yesterday. I have always picked on my mom and older people about this because often times their conversations seem to be about what or where they ate. Funny. I had some great fried eggs for breakfast yesterday. I didn't eat lunch, or maybe I did but I can't remember. Then for dinner I grilled some steak for my librarian friend. It was sure good. Throughout the day, I had Cadbury Mini-Eggs as well and at about eight p.m. I decided to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are fantastic. Thanks to Anne for giving me her wonderful recipe.

Have you ever noticed that recipe is a funny word? I just tried to type it with two Es at the end but that is wrong even though when you say the word it sounds correct to spell it with two Es. This could become a random post, if you haven't noticed already. I really don't have much to tell you. The weather is changing though. It is supposed to rain here the next few days. I think a few of my friends are worried that it is going to snow, but I have heard it is only supposed to rain. I am okay with rain. I like it. It reminds me of home. It also brings pretty flowers. My little crocuses have started to bloom. I guess it is truly spring. I love those flowers. They are kind of metaphoric, seeing they blossom where my dirty neighbors live. It is as if they spring up through the trash that surrounds them. I guess this can happen for people too, if they decided to change their situation. I think trashy behavior breeds trashy behavior and if people don't realize that the way they were raised is not quite normal they too will just be the same. But if they decided to rise above their circumstances, they can bloom through the trash. Nice huh?

I am almost to the point of being tired of Kelly Clarkson's new CD. I love this CD, by the way. If you want to have a good CD, buy it. I think I will review it on here one day. I listen to it all the time: in my car, on walks, while cooking, and while cleaning. It is good for all things! :)

Ok. I will quit the randomness. Have a great day. Bloom where you are planted.

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