Two Days...

Today was one mad dash to get things done so I am more prepared to have mom here. I did laundry and went grocery shopping. Then I came home and cleaned my bedroom. I also decided to spider spray. I do not want my mom eaten by the silly spiders that think my house is their house. This is definitely not their house. Anyway, the new spray I used is horrid. It makes me cough and really just curse the spiders more, which is already a lot of cursing. I think I may be sleeping on the couch tonight, because the smell is still pretty strong in there. I should have gotten this done this past weekend but did I? No, because I am a major procrastinator. My favorite quote is: "Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow." Anyway, I will be glad when all the cleaning and preparing is done and I can just relax and enjoy my mother's company!

School has been good this week so far. I really like my students. I think I am back into a better place and attitude. For a while the wind was taken from under my wings!

Well, I don't have much else. Night.


joanna said...

hey, if you want a break before your mom comes, you shoudl come see Twilight with me and my friend Elizabeth! tonight (wednesday) we are meeting at the dollar theater at 6:30 for teh 6:45 showing. call me!
801-319-1082 if you want to come! My mom is also coming in tomorrow so, this gives some time with friends before. :-)

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Happy Procrastinating!!!

MOM said...

So tomorrow it the big day--Twilight sounds gread--dollar show still on.

Anything you want to come with me.

Last chance.

Almost packed.

Love MOM