Weekend of Movie Watching.

Happy March. Crazy that it is already March! By the way...I did not have gallstones. Back to not having a clue why I hurt sometimes. Whatev.

Friday, I took Janette to see Seven Pounds. I always take Janette to movies that she ends up hating because they make her cry. I really liked this movie. It was a good one. You had to use your brain to figure out what was happening. It also had Will Smith in it and I love him. I would suggest you see this movie.

Saturday, Janette and I went and saw He's Just Not That Into You. I liked the overall message of the movie because it taught me a lot. I think I am very similar to one of the characters because I always like guys who never actually like me back. In fact, the guys usually have no interest in me other than being a buddy. SIGH. Anyway it was good to learn that about myself and again be reminded of the fact that if a guy likes you he will make something happen. I spend way too much time on guys who do nothing because they feel nothing. SIGH again. The movie was a little steamy in parts and I thought that was a little much but welcome to 2009 and PG-13 movies, I guess.

Tonight, I watched Fever Pitch. I love that movie. This time of year it really makes me happy because it reminds me of the fact that baseball season is about to start. It also is a great romance movie. Perfect combo for this sports loving hopeless romantic.

Other than that, I haven't done too much this weekend. I did clean my front room and do a few dishes. I gotta get this place in order before my mom flies in on Thursday. I am way excited to have her here. I don't think I have been with her on my birthday in a lot of years. It will be fun.

Well, I best be getting to bed. Have a great night and an awesome Monday! (If having an awesome Monday is actually possible)


Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am really excited for you that your Mom is going to be there! I get to see my Mom next month and I am thrilled. Have lots of fun!

MOM said...

I can't wait--what can we do for your students Friday--wish I was a mad baker--I would do cookies.

Love MOM