Is it Friday Yet?

It has been a theme forever for me to walk around work and say: "Is it Friday yet?" Lately, I have meant it and have not been only being funny. Bummer. Someday it will be Spring Break! Morgan had her baby. I am way excited to meet Oliver when I go to Vegas next week. You should look at his cute pictures on her blog. There is a link on the right of my blog.

The picture is of a bat that I put in my friend's office during all our Office pranks way back in the day. We decided that the bat should be a fixture in her office so it is still in there and it gets a new outfit for each of the holidays. This time it is all about the Easter Bunny Bat. I love it. (She noticed today that I have not put pictures on the blog in a long time, so it is on in honor of her!)

Today, I worked on the scrapbook again. I am putting on the final touches and got to play with The Cricut. Man, that is one of the coolest tools ever! Now I have cool little letters to glue into the book. It is going to be a lot of work. I am hoping it is worth it.

I am up too late again and must get to bed. You are awesome for reading. Later.


Brian and Kelsey said...

The end is in sight Rita Rita. As always feel free to stop in Cedar on your way to Vegas.. unless your flying then that would be difficult. But if youre driving its a good place to stop for lunch!
Love ya!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I have a Crucut too and I am loving it. Did you know it cuts vinal also? I just bought some vinal at the craft store and decorated my kids doors with it. VEry cool! In a couple of days I will put pics on my blog so be sure tp check!

Have fun in Vegas!