Manic Monday

It really hasn't been that manic but it is a good title, okay?

I liked that whole poll thing although I was not very patient in waiting the six days for voting to be closed. I actually figured that because nine people had voted and nine actually voted in favor of me changing the title of my blog, I figured that was good enough. I think the next poll will be for you to vote on what the new name of the blog will be. That will be fun. So look for that the next few days.

I took Janette to dinner tonight at Chili's for her birthday even though her actual birthday isn't until Wednesday. Her birthday is always during Spring Break and I usually go away and miss her birthday. I am not a very good friend. I also gave her the scrapbook which she really liked. I will post some pictures of her opening it later.

Today was a good day that went really, really fast. I like that but that makes me worried that the days off will even go faster and that makes me sad. Tomorrow night my friend, Aimee, and I will be heading down to Mesquite, Nevada for the night. Aimee has to work a full day tomorrow. I am actually done at 1:16. Good thing I will have a few hours because I still need to clean out my car and do some laundry and pack. I am way excited for this trip, if you haven't noticed.

Well, I must head home now (I am at Janette's, we just got done watching 24) and watch Chuck. I love Chuck. He is cute!



MOM said...

Thanks for getting me in my facebook. Now I need Andi's blog address--I always used your list and it is gone tonight.

Oh, to be a techy old person.

Love Ya.

Have fun on your trip.

Stay twice as long at the fountains and pretend you are an old untechy Mom getting to see it.


joanna said...

have an awesome spring break!!!