Mesquite, Nevada

It is hard to get the internet while in my hotel in Mesquite. Okay so it would be easy, if I believed in paying 10 dollars for the night. Nope, I believe in free internet for all! So, another hotel in the area has free internet. I am using it, but it is hard to get too. I have to be standing and holding the computer in the air(see pictures).

Good trip so far. Aimee and I left Provo at about 4:30. We first stopped in Washington, Utah to have some In-N-Out. It was yummy. Then we got to Mesquite about nine. We gained an hour too, which is fun! I am tired though. Is it possible to have jet lag without ever being on a jet?

We bowled two games here at our hotel. I did not know that there are so many hotels with bowling alleys. That is pretty awesome. 103, 113 for me. Aimee bowled 95 and then 116. Now we are going to watch a movie and sleep. Exciting.

We had Peep wars today at school during lunch. It was pretty funny. The pink one with only one toothpick is mine. I lost! You should have Peep wars. They are cheep right now!

Well, until later!


MOM said...

The name for your Blog is a hard choice.

Thanks for the help. I got into facebook.

Enjoy the bowling and your friends.

Love MOM

Elizabeth Peterson said...

You are one funny lady! Have fun in Nevada and trying to get your "Free" internet! Love it!

Erin said...

Alice! I am glad you are getting a little vacation. :-)I love peep wars. You shouild go to this blog-it's HILARIOUS. :-)http://peepsofmormon.blogspot.com/