Colorado Dreaming...

or is that California Dreaming? I can never remember! The trip was awesome. I still cannot believe that it really happened. Crazy. Sorry about the lack of pictures. They will not load tonight. You will have to wait until tomorrow!

We got to Denver at about noon and then we just checked into the hotel and walked the main street of town. We then rested for a while before we headed to the stadium for the game. It was walking distance from out hotel which was very cool. The game was so much fun even though the Rockies lost. It was so cool to be in a suite behind home plate to watch the game. We even had all the food and drink we wanted for free and got to go to the broadcasting booth for Fox Sports Network. So cool.

We got back today at about one and I didn't want to be back. I like vacations. I went up to the Bills for a little Mother's Day celebration and it was a lot of fun. I sure do love my family away from home. I also love my family! I am so excited to go see them in a month! Love ya all!!!

Must go to sleep now. Maybe I will dream of being in Colorado!

Have a great Monday! I do not have students so it will be a little easier than most Mondays!

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