Exciting Eyes!

I went to the eye doctor today. It was thrilling. I will be getting new contacts shortly. Thrilling, I know. I hope they work well because again the eye doc wanted to change brands of contacts for me. I do not know why they always insist on doing this but whatev. I will try the trial pair out and let's hope they easily come out. I have had troubles with some brands in the past. It was hard for me to let them go with a different brand because I kinda feel like if it isn't broken I shouldn't fix it but again: whatev. I did think I was pretty sexy in the fun fake sunglasses they gave me after dialating my eyes. They were pretty big, huh? They haven't changed much. Hopefully, they will go back to normal before I go to work tomorrow.

I am really loving my students these days. I wonder if that is just because I know we are close to the end. I hope not. I sure so love my job.

Not much else to report...well I did get my new satellite receiver in the mail today. My old one erased all the DVR stuff I had in it....twice! So the whole season of The Office. GONE. The past four new episodes of House. GONE. A little upset about that and the fact that I now have to reset all the timers I had on my old receiver. Bummer. Oh well. Whatev!

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