Yesterday was graduation. This is seriously one of my favorite nights of the year. To see my students receive their diploma, often brings tears to my eyes because I am so very proud of them. What a great achievement for many of these students!

One of the graduates was in my Leadership class and actually graduated a year early...that made me feel even more proud. I saw her grow up so much in the past three years and what an accomplishment for this young lady(she is pointing in one of the pics!). Graduation truly makes all the day to day stuff worthwhile! Good night!

Today is yearbook signing. Two hours of sitting in the cafeteria just chilling with kids. Then cleaning my office will be in order! We will also have a staff BBQ this afternoon which will be awesome!

Have a great day!


Erin said...

Great Pics! That looks like a pretty big graduation! Good year. :-)

joanna said...

what a fun week you had:-)
Hey, I hear down the grapevine you are going to Vegas. just to visit, or are you getting hitched?
oh, the grapevine was your facebook status. hehe

MOM said...

Good work!