Human Foosball and Guitar Heros

Today went incredibly fast. It was the last real day with kids. Crazy. It was fun. I made two of my PE classes play Human Foosball. It is just like the game, but you "attach" yourself to a few of your teammates via pvc pipe! Fun to watch. I think some of the kids hate it because it is new and hard for them. SIGH.

My girls PE was lucky enough to go and play the Wii that the History teacher had brought in for the day. Some liked it, and some did not. Again, you cannot please everybody!

I played Guitar Hero this afternoon for quite a while because I didn't want to face cleaning my office just yet. It was fun to play with Kristi, Heidi, and Jane! I think we will be playing a little more tomorrow afternoon. Yipee!

I also did laundry which is always a thrill a min!

Well, off to sleep.

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