Practically Friday!

Hey. This week has been going fast. Have I mentioned that lately? I thought so. I have been out and playing frisbee golf a lot lately so I pulled this classic pic out of me playing last year. It is hard to take pictures of myself playing when I go by myself so this will have to do. I don't think that I have changed all that much since then.

What else? Did you catch the season finale of The Office? It was spectacular. I sure do love that show!

I really don't have that much else to write about. Weird huh?

I hope you are having an excellent day. Later.

p.s. I have been saying "Whatev" a lot lately, so it is now the title. I do have to say that I really think a rotating title is awesome. It just seems to name itself! :) Yipee for me and my genius.

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joanna said...

I really am missing out on the office. the summaries on imdb just aren't good enough!! Do you know when the dvd's will come out???