Wow. I am tired this morning. Maybe I had too much sun yesterday or something. It was beautiful weather and I took two of my afternoon PE classes outside to play football. Then after school I went frisbee golf jogging again. So nice. I got real tired at about 9:30 but of course stayed up until 10:30. I slept right until the alarm at 6:30 this morning and am still tired.

I am glad time is flying. I am way excited for all the fun that will be happening the next three weeks. This weekend I will be down near Delta to witness what moving the cattle is like for my friend's family. The 30th I will fly to Vegas. (It is part of the fiasco with my plane ticket credit. It is finally figured out now and I still have 250 to use toward a future plane ticket, yipee!). Then I am in Utah for two weeks and get to see Kelly Clarkson on the 11th of June. Then I fly home the next day. Exciting times. Loving life right now!!


The Wolford Family said...

hey what family are you seeing this weekend? I have friends also in Delta who are moving cattle this weekend!! Weird!!

Moo said...

To Sarah:

Who are your friends? Many people are moving cattle this weekend because their grazing permits start May 15.

Megan Greathouse