Played softball last night. It was fun as always, even if we did not win. After that I went to Janette's for her birthday party. We just chatted and ate fun food and then played Taboo.

Today Megan came up so we did our usual shopping all over. We went to the mall, Costco, Office Max, Barnes and Noble, and Shopko. Not that you wanted to know all that, but you get to anyway. I got a new featherbed at Shopko. Yes, you read that right, I bought a new featherbed because the new mattress topper actually made me very sore the last few nights, so I decided that it was too firm for my body. Let's hope the featherbed does the trick and that the topper sells on craigslist. Sigh, oh well, life happens like that sometimes, doesn't it?

Well, off to eat pizza, watch movies and hang out with Megan. Enjoy the pic of us "hanging out." We are awesome, aren't we?

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BloggingBills said...

No doubt, you are Awesome! Your posts always make me smile and I enjoy the very cool pics! Love ya!
-UT dad