Back in Utah for a Spell!

I had an extra day in Vegas which was nice because I got more little boy, baby and Morgan and Derek time. I also go to road trip with that cute little family which was actually better than I ever imagined it being! I had to help them pick up things a lot and give them little snacks but other than that they were so good. Baby Oliver had a hard time sleeping in his chair(he hates it) so I had to man handle him and it looked like I was choking him but I was not. He was very content in that position for some reason. He is weird already. Just kidding. By the way if you don't know this little family they are Morgan's family who is practically my sister, she is a Bills. I stayed with them while in Vegas.

I also was able to see Alyssa and her family because of my extra day. I was very glad for that. I was a total moron and turned off my phone for most of the weekend and missed and missed and missed her calls. Bad, bad friend! I was glad to see her!

Since being back in Utah it has been busy and busy. Today Caleb(another Bills) graduated from high school. I first met him when he was little and in footie pajamas and now he is a high school grad. That is weird and I feel old! It was awesome to see him graduate today. I also was able to go to his Court of Honor for his Eagle Scout and that was way cool. He truly has grown into this amazing young man who is a great leader! Congrats Caleb!

I was able to sleep at home last night. So comfy. I also slept in. Oh wait, I have been doing that for the whole week. Ahhhhhh!

I think that is it for now. Only one week until the Kelly Clarkson Concert. Then the next day I fly home. YIPEE! Let's hope for less turbulence!

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