"People Miss Planes; It Happens All The Time..."

Guess who got real sick in Las Vegas? Morgan? Derek? Henry? Spencer? Oliver? Paris Hilton? Nope, Alice. That is right on vacation in Vegas, I got sick. How did I spend my day yesterday? Laying on the couch hoping that my Immodium-AD would kick in and feeling real hot and then extremely cold. It was MISERABLE!!! So, I was supposed to get on a plane back to Utah today but I have decided that a plane ride being a little quezy would not be any fun and I would like to have a little more fun in Vegas before I head back.

So here I am. Oh, I bet you are wondering how I will get back to Utah. Well Morgan and Derek and the kids are heading to Salt Lake tomorrow for brother Caleb's graduation festivities and have room for me in the car. I figure this goes along with my theme for the summer: "The Summer of Fun." It will be an adventure to travel with Morgan's family and I will hopefully get to see my friend, Alyssa, tonight seeing I was too sick to hang with her last night.

Sunday, I got to catch up with some friends from Wisconsin, the Mcbains. They had us over for dinner. It was fun!

Well, I think that is all I got. Oh wait, here is a cute side note. Henry(Morgan's oldest 3) was so very nice to me while I was sick yesterday. He would notice that my water cup was empty and he would pick it up and say: "I get you more water, Aice.". So sweet. I have loved getting so many hugs and kisses from both Spencer and Henry. They are sweet boys. I also am enjoying getting baby time with Oliver. What a fun and cute family. I am glad to get another day with them!!!


Moo said...

Sorry that you got sick on vacation, but hey, at least you still have a ride back! Hope you get feeling better! Have a fun trip back.

Erin said...

I cannot wait to hear how the 5 hour drive with 3 small people goes! I hope you are feeling lots, lots better by then! So excited to see you tomorrow!