Unicycles make me happy. This happiness does not come from riding them myself but from the thought in general. You are probably wondering where this is coming from. Well, about once a week, I am driving away from work at just the right time and am able to witness the amazing sight of a stranger riding his unicyle down the road. It makes me giddy to see this man in his business attire riding his unicycle. (Yes, even more excited than when I see large men driving scooters!) Today, my friend, pointed out even more awesomeness about the situation. She noticed that because of a lack of handlebars the man has to put his light on the top of his helmet. That also just makes me really happy, for some odd reason!

We also decided that there are several advantages of riding a unicycle over a bicycle. First, you get more exercise because you must constanly be pedaling. Second, you save money on that pest of a second tire because you don't need to buy the green goo to keep it from getting popped. Third, you do not have to spend money on chain grease. And lastly, you bring joy to the masses.

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