Ah....a sigh of relief.

Spring Break, Spring Break, Everybody, Everywhere....Spring Break, Spring Break......

Okay, so maybe not everybody, everywhere is on Spring Break, but I think you all should be! I hereby give you permission to take the next week off of work.

I am very tired. I should be sleeping but here I sit on my couch. There really isn't anything to watch on my DVR so I have been watching Youtube videos for the past forty-five minutes. I would have put a movie in but I was distracted by my iPhone shopping. If you know anybody who has a 32 gig iPhone(preferably jailbroken) they want to sell for a reasonable price, let me know. I have been shopping for one lately. It is stressful! It is also crazy and you probably have no interest in my iPhone quest.

The week went really fast and I don't remember a thing that happened that was exciting. That is kinda weird.

Today, I ate a delicious cheeseburger and played a fun few games of racquetball. Fantastic Friday.

Tomorrow, I will drive up to Manila, Utah. It will be a blast o' matic. That really made no sense.

Sunday, I will pick up Marla from the airport and Monday we will head off to California. It will be an utter blast. I bet you are jealous of me. I am jealous of myself.

Well, have a fantastic day!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Sounds like you have a fun week planned. We are just getting done with our spring break. Sorry but I cannot help you with finding an iphone, I dont even know what an iphone is. I am not very technoligocally into things. Have a fun trip tp cali!