Hat Day!

Yesterday was hat day at school. I do not know exactly why we rewarded the students with hat day, but I was still pretty excited for it, seeing I usually am wearing a hat when I am not at work! I have about thirty hats so it was hard to choose one to wear. I actually didn't choose just one, instead, I chose seven...one for each class hour of the day. Only a few people noticed but it was pretty fun to do. It made for a fast Friday which is always good, right?

Life is good right now. I don't really have a whole lot going on. I am running three times a week and will run my second 5k next Saturday. You can read all about my runs at: http://www.aliceisarunner.fastrunningblog.com

Today I ran and then have procrastinated grading papers. Grades are due on Monday. I also have a lesson to do for Relief Society for tomorrow at church and I am not ready yet...but I will be. I am just enjoying having a down day. It is nice. The weather today is amazing. The run was made nice by that. I am also going to bring some papers onto my porch to grade so that make it a little more enjoyable.

Tonight, I will probably do a bit of TV watching and preparing for that lesson. Pretty exciting life, no?

Well, hope your Saturday is being glorious!

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