Leaving LA is hardish...Day Four Spring Break 2010

Well, the adventures continued yesterday. We have been using the GPS to get around and most of the time this is very nice. Sometimes it makes me want to poke my own eyes out. Let's just say we have taken the secret slow way many times. Getting to Roscoe's House of Chicken N Waffles in Long Beach yesterday was one of those times. But the craziness of the journey was well worth it because that breakfast was pretty much amazing.

We then headed to San Diego. It took a little longer that expected because somebody, who won't be name, locked the keys to the rental car in it. Luckily, said person has pretty good luck when talking to strangers and picked the right one to ask for help. Chuck was his name and he look similar to what I imagine many of my students will look like in the future. He had a very long goatee and gaged ears. He also was driving a truck for a living and wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He kinda laughed when asked if he knew how to break into a car. I thought that was a pretty darn good question to start the conversation for help. Anyway, we called Enterprise, who got us in touch with AAA, who got us a person to break into our car and sixty-one dollars later, we were back on our way to San Diego. It was a beautiful drive and a good day, even with that small set back.

We checked into our hotel right when getting into San Diego and it is amazing. We have gone up in class each day when it comes to our rooms, which has been pleasantly surprising. Marla thinks I should be a travel agent because I am so good at finding nice hotels. I don't know if I would enjoy that profession but I probably would be pretty darn good at it!

This morning I got up and ran down the San Diego Bay. I can see why people would live in this place. Running next to the water is awesome! We are going to head on to Old Town and find another beach to hang on today. It will be hard to head back to reality tomorrow, but this has been a great vacation.

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