Sickness anybody?

Hi. I would post a picture of me today but it may look a little pathetic. I did not take off my pajamas all day(which I am pretty proud of some Saturdays, but today was different). When I woke up this morning, I realized my voice was still on sabbatical and that I was feeling kinda hot and sickly, so I decided that a sub for school would be a good idea. My poor students have had to put up with a lot of subs this year. I am thinking of calling this year the Year of the Sub even though I know it is really The Year of the Tiger. Maybe my body just needed a vacation from my vacation. I worked two days then had to take a day off!

I do have to look on the bright side. I was able to watch a few movies. That isn't something that I usually get to do on a typical Wednesday. I enjoyed Have You Heard about the Morgans? it was funny and cute. I only watched about five minutes of The Invention of Lying before I was thoroughly offended. I then threw in The Break-Uptonight. I forgot how interesting that movie is because it really isn't what you would think of as a "romantic" comedy. It was funny...but a little disappointing. I guess you will have some more reading to do on the movie blog in the next few days. I don't have the energy to write tonight but I will later.

I also graded some tests that I should have graded last week. I really am a slacker teacher this year. I am totally blaming it on the lack of a prep hour and not the fact that I am just plain lazy.

Well, off to get some more rest and hope that by tomorrow I am done with this gross tasting coughing that I have enjoyed today. I hope your day was spamtastic and that if you had an iPhone, it was treating you well and not being locked like mine is. I am hoping that problem can be solved or I must wait until June to switch to AT&T, which I don't want to do but if I have to in order to have a full functioning iPhone, I will! I am sure you really didn't care but I thought I would put that out there. Cheers!

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BloggingBills said...

Oh you poor baby. If you hadn't showed up at our house with no voice I would totally blame us because we all have wicked colds. Feel better soon.
Yer other MA