So why hasn't Alice Posted this week?

*Photo of Alice just after she posted!

Hmm....interesting question. The answer is pretty much because she is tired and busy that when she decides to blog, it is after eleven and that usually means she decides that going to bed is much more important than writing.

Here are some tweets from the week(if you are a facebook friend, then you have seen these as well):
1. Alice doesn't like playing with fire. Next time the good charcoal will be bought! Maybe the lighter fluid will kill her. Pork on the stove! **I was very worried that I would burn my eyelashes off as I tried to get that stupid coal to light. I think I might have to have my dad teach me how to use a gas girl this summer and then I may buy a new grill come fall.
2. Alice is happy to be a carnivore at this very moment! ***Dang those pork chops were so yummy with A-1 and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce accompanied by potatoes and corn.
3. Alice smiled a lot today while thinking of the fun time she had with nephews yesterday. Man, are they cute and so fun to throw around. **I had a blast with the kiddos up in Salt Lake on Sunday. Oliver was so very cute and funny. I haven't heard him giggle as much as he did when I would carry him around and let him try to catch his older brothers. So much fun. I also ate a whole bunch of food because I had the points to do so....it was awesome.
4. 21 days of class left, but I am still not counting. ****the countdown has begun!
5. Alice ran three miles straight today. The impossible became possible. It actually brought tears to her eyes! ***It felt so good to not stop at all on the run yesterday. I ran so very SLOW but really, I ran the whole way so I was so proud of myself. It was funny that I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's song "Impossible" when I was finishing because it was so inspiring. It was one of those moments from life where you actually think your life could be made into film. It was awesome.

Tonight I will play softball. It is a little cold to be playing but I am going to love it anyway! So exciting to start the season. YIPEE!!!

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joanna said...

yeah, how could you not post more often, like me;-)
congrats on the 3 miles straight. You truly inspire me!