Spring Break: Day Two

Today we drove from Vegas to Los Angeles. I do have to say that LA drivers are CRAZY!!! I also have to say that a GPS's directions can sometimes be really stupid. Like when it would say: "Stay in left lane, then exit right!" SERIOUSLY? How is that even possible? So, we got a little tense tonight while getting to The Santa Monica Pier but we made it, nevertheless.

We did stop in Baker, CA so we could see the World's Largest Thermometer. That was life changing but not as life changing as the Alien Fresh Jerky Store. I really don't know if the jerky was made out of Aliens or if the Aliens made the jerky. Who knows?

The lookout from our room here in LA is awesome. The pictures really don't do it justice as is often the case with pictures. There is a really cool Chinese garden right out our window that is very relaxing. You can hear the fountains through our balcony window. (That is much more relaxing than the smell of weed that we keep smelling through our balcony window...that just irritates me!)

We walked around the pier and then had dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. It was delicious. I am very full still.

Spring Break pretty much rocks! I LOVE it!!!


MBC said...

Looks fantastic! Glad you're having a good time.

Mary said...

Glad you're having fun on your break. Three of my piano students forgot to show up because it was Spring Break. In other news, I keep meaning to tell you about a fun writer's conference in Provo on April 23-24....you can come just one day. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, anything you could want. Megan and I are going (I'm a presenter!) Anyway, Google LDStorymakers and check out their conference. Let Megan know what you think.