Spring has Sprung...but may have a hiccup later this week.

Well, I have been highly enjoying the flowers that are in bloom and the trees that have teeny tiny leaves coming in. I picked the tulips from outside my house. Aren't they pretty? They make me mucho happy!

I am feeling a little better today. That is very nice. The phlegm issues seems to be solving itself. I think my little run today helped move some of it. Nice...I bet you really wanted to know didn't you? It has been kinda a gross week!

What else? It was Monday which is never anybody's favorite. It went well at school. I had a little run in with my 4th Period students last Friday and today we had a nice little chat about it! They are Seniors and they are driving me nuts right now. But that is okay. I will totally miss them next year when I have to train a whole new bunch of sophomores...ew sophomores.

Alright. I have nothing else and better get to bed. I did clean my bedroom today and rearranged the furniture. I thought that by so doing, I would have more room, but that wasn't the case. I guess I will just have to live with it! (I also guess I had one more thing to say!)

Cheers! If you didn't read the previous post about my silly Health students, you should...it is hilarious!!


MBC said...

Are those the same flowers you planted in front of our old house? No, probably not, eh?

Alice said...

MBC-those are actually the ones that grow on the east side of my house. But do not worry, the ones I planted are just starting to blossom!