Before I sleep...

I loved how Henry and Spencer were like old men eating their Panda Express at their own table. They are silly.
The view from our seats tonight at the Bees game. It as fabulous and very nice.
My eggs made me laugh on Sunday. They were so shocked!

Hi. Needed to blog before sleeping. Here are some fun pictures for you.

Just a quick conversation about push-up bras. They are pretty much miracle workers. IF you take offense to reading about this subject you are free to not read on. Anyhow...I like push-up bras. It has been less than a year since I started wearing them. At first I was skeptical because I really found them to be false advertising. (which they are but it is okay). Anyway. I have two scenarios to demonstrate how effective they are at attracting men. The first one is sweet and nice(if it really can be seeing this is bra talk) and the other one is a little creepy. Anyway...the date on Saturday, I totally wore the push up bra with one of my new shirts. I noticed that my date glanced at my chest once or twice. It wasn't creepy and he is a guy and it is normal. The other time was at church when I was talking to a creepy guy. He kept staring at my chest as awkward conversation and pauses went by. I did not like it and I ran away from him(conveniently enough, I was waiting for a Visiting Teaching interview and they called me and and saved me in the nick of time...before I was invited to do something with creepo). So...what I am saying in my midnight banter is that push-up bras can be nice and they can be completely scary.

Also, they can be completely hilarious when you are talking about these stories with the Salt Lake family. Thanks for the fun guys!

Senior Banquet is tomorrow. Lagoon is Wednesday. I am fried and will be glad to not have anything to plan!

Have a great day.
CHEERS...oh and Date #2 is on Thursday. I bet you are all excited aren't you?


Morgan -Ing said...

When did date #2 get made??? HMMM???? I am so excited for you!

BloggingBills said...

I too am excited about the second date. Might it include a stop here in Sandy? I promise not to wear the cut-off pea green scrubs with a purple shirt and no (push-up) bra.