Dates, aren't those little fruit?

This weekend has been pretty darn relaxing. Friday I went on another date. I am keeping him anonymous. I think it is always better this way when in the early dating stages. Really, two dates is not very many. I am trying to just stay cool and collected and not seem clingy. I am also trying to be better at dating in general. I am horrible at it. I have absolutely no dating skills. I am not a flirt nor am I a great conversationalist. I think I just get nervous which makes me quiet. But we have had two great dates and may have another one this next week and then I will just up and leave having a great escape and making me worried that it will just fizzle. We went disc golfing and then to dinner. We talked about lots of stuff, including cheese, which totally got me excited. I really didn't think cheese could get me so excited but having a conversation with a man who is also passionate about cheese just did it for me. We also talked about my novel and how it is random as well as Catholicism. He was called away from out date and into work about nine o'clock so the date was cut a bit short. I was kinda disappointed but stuff happens, right?

I then headed over to a co-worker's house. He just bought a house a few months ago and was having a hours warming. It was nice to just hang out with a few co-workers and chat. Of course, they drilled me about my date and that wasn't my favorite but I guess people get excited.

Yesterday, I ran and then took care of Aiden. It has been a long time since we have hung out and it was fun. My stomach didn't feel so good all day long so I felt bad that all Aiden and I did was hang out(which meant he played computer games and I napped) and then we went to a movie and had dinner from McDonald's. The movie we saw was in 3D and it was way cool. You should see How to Train Your Dragon. If you see it, make sure you see it in 3D. It is so cool!

Today is church. I teach Relief Society and the talk I am covering rocks. I don't know what to talk about but I know it will be a good lesson because it is very touching. The talk is entitled "Safety for the Soul" and was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Go to lds.org and search for it and read or watch it. It is amazing! Actually, here is a link to read it!

Later I will go to the Bills up in Sandy and be grilled about my date. It will be fabulous(that was sarcasm if you didn't catch it in the tone!) I know people get excited but seriously. Okay, so I do this to my friends after their dates too. I just have a hard time remembering everything that happened on the date. Maybe I should write it down or something!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and isn't that a rad pic of me and Aide after the movie?


joanna said...

awww, fun weekend! I won't grill you too much:-)

BloggingBills said...

You noticed it was raining so there was no grilling.