A little better...

I am having less of a panic attack than I was the other day. That is progress, no?

How about these tulips? I love them. They are in front of my old house and I actually planted them. I figure that gives me the right to take pictures and cut a few of them off and keep them in a vase in my house. It makes me pretty much happy!

I still feel a little overwhelmed this week but that is okay. I need to just make time for the things that I have to get done before leaving in a few weeks.

I just almost typed that I didn't have anything else to say but then I thought about a few things. Everyday, I am very excited because my towel fits around me so well(after showering) these days. Funny how as you lose weight, little things like that can make you smile. I also have noticed how it is pretty light in the morning when I get up now. The other day I almost freaked out because I thought I was an hour late! Funny. Another funny thing is that every other day I drink a smoothie for breakfast. It always makes me really cold. I have been cold lately. Mostly it is because this spring is insane and their always seems to be a threat of snow and because I have 30 pounds less of insulation, so it makes me chilly sometimes! Fun.

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