Melissa Peterman is HILARIOUS!

I was able to go and see Melissa Peterman's comedy show in Ogden tonight. She is pretty darn funny. If you do not know her, she played Barbra Jean on Reba. I laughed so hard at times that I was crying. My favorite bit was when she demonstrated what karaoke is really like and she put her hair up on the side and took her arm out of her sleve and pretended to be drunk and singing. She then demonstrated what it is like to do with Reba McEntire. "I would like to do Fancy. In the Key of....ME." She also mentioned how her and Reba were best friends but not the kind of friends where she knew Reba's phone number or where she lived. But it was okay because Reba told her: "Oh Melissa, you don't need to know where I live because I live in your heart." Hilarious.

The week went fast. Thank heavens. It has been busy and stressful. At least it looks like senior banquet is coming together and it should be wonderful.

I had a fun date today. His name is Travis. He is nice and funny. We will go play disc golf before I go to Wisconsin. It was nice. The end.

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joanna said...

nice. she sounds like a funny girl through and through.

may i comment about the date? yeah!! also, if things go well, won't he miss you when you go home to wisconsin? that can put a damper on the whole dating thing, right?