New Hair!

My friend, Kerri, treated me to a haircut and style at a real salon. It was quite cool and I think I have been converted from the el cheapo cuts I usually get. It looks nice and my hair is so silky smooth. It was actually quite funny because the hairstylist loved my hair. She thought it was so pretty and felt so soft. She actually played with it for a long time and lost track of the time while doing so. I found it hilarious.

I have been stressed and feel haggard and old. Enjoy the pic of the new hair. I think I look tired. It is late and I should be sleeping.

First hour PE was the highlight of my day. Here are a few quotes that were awesome from that class:

1. One of the students asked me what it would be like if our class was a reality TV show. I asked her what we would call it. She thought for a minute and said: "Alice and the Class" to the tune of Benny and the Jets.
2. Same student, who isn't very coordinated but today played really hard said this after scoring in Ultimate Frisbee: "Do you want some ice with that burn?!"
3. As we were cleaning up the same student said: "Hey guys...that was totally ULTIMATE!" Like the pun?
4. Same student also said: "Alice, have fun with your non-favorite classes the rest of the day!" I had told them they were my favorite class earlier because they play so hard. Silly girl!

Well, besides that I feel tired and worn out and it is almost midnight and I am not asleep. I am not smart either! Cheers!


Morgan -Ing said...

The first thing I said was, "OOOOHHHH!!!!" It looks AWESOME!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Looking so good! Less weight, new hair, you are a hot tamale!

MBC said...

You look great!

Erin said...

Love it! And, your students are funny. :-)

Moo said...

Very cute!

The Wolford Family said...

oooooo laaaaaaaaa laaaaaaa that looks sooo cool!!! Hopefully it's easy to do!! Hope to see you next week in MANILA!!!!