Tiredness but a great weekend.

Friday I took the day off to go up to Idaho Falls, ID to see my friend, Laura, get married. It was so beautiful and fun to be there. The temple grounds were very pretty with all of the spring flowers. It was a long but great day seeing we drove up in the morning did the whole wedding stuff and then drove back, but it was totally worth it. Laura was so pretty and happy. That was awesome. To see my friends get married a little older in life has restored my faith in me finding somebody.

Yesterday, was busy too. I ran my second 5k and did well. I shaved five minutes off my last 5k even in the rain and hail! It was cold and miserable but I am pretty proud of myself for not walking a single step of the whole race. I think not sleeping much the night before caught up with me right after finishing the race and I was tired all yesterday. (actually, I am a little tired right now after having a good night's rest, weird!). It was nice to take a hot shower before heading back over to see my friend, Marion, finish her half marathon. Marion is pretty much an inspiration to me and has helped me on my journey to become a runner. It as fun to cheer her into the finish even though I am certain she thought I was crazy for doing it.

I had another wedding to attend yesterday here in Provo and I was tired of not having any church clothes that fit so I went to JC Penny's and bought a new skirt and a few shirts. I had actually bought a dress on Thursday to wear to my friend's wedding in Idaho but I didn't like it when I tried it on again at home so I returned it and was happy to find the clothes I did yesterday. I really had no clothes that looked good on me to wear to church. In fact, most of them would fall off my waist because I have gotten too small for them. I am not complaining but it is frustrating to hate your clothes. I think I may wear this skirt every week and just wear a different shirt with it. I hope nobody notices and thinks I am poor or something. I just don't want to have to keep buying clothes so I decided I would just buy one outfit at a time seeing I am continuing to get smaller. It sure is an adventure in that aspect! (I totally like the adventure too). It as pretty darn cool to actually be able to shop in the normal section instead of the women's section. I used to call the women't section "the fat ugly clothes section." I like the normal section a whole lot better!!!

Well, I better get ready for church. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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