Big Ben, I finally saw Big Ben! Friday, June 11th

Pics: That guard is serious, Marching and Marching, Telephone Booth, Me and Big Ben (in reverse order!)

Friday. Buckingham palace for the changing of the guard. Got there
just in time. The guards are actual members of the military. The march
from the barracks in st James park to the palace. The mall in front is
lined with union jacks. The flag above the palace is either the royal
standard when the queen is home or the union Jack when she is home.

The red telephone booths are still everywhere. They make me smile.

At night Cindy and Dan (Aunt and Uncle) and I went to the big Ben area. We saw the
river tames(Thames) for the first time. We also saw the house of
parliment, London eye and westmister abbey. We saw a group of people
camping out to protest the war. The river has a tide effect. It is
higher at the beginning of the day and real low at night. We heard the
clock strike 9pm.

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