Bus Trip to Stonehenge, Bath, and Stratford: Sunday June 13th

Pics: Me and Cindy @ Stonehenge, Bath Abbey, Roman Bath, Bath, Shakesphere's Birthplace.

Sunday. Stonehenge and the countryside was impressive. It is fun to
make up theories of how the ancients got the stones and piled them.
The burial mounds around are in a circle as well. The henge actually
tracts hours and months. There is a ditch circling the henge a well as
a few other stones that make a squre if connected. Drove past where
Jane Austen lived in bath. Saw bath abbey. Also toured the roman
baths. Amazed by the feeling that I was walking the same steps the
Romans did.
Stratford on Avon was cool. To be where William Shakespeare was born
was inspiring. Want to read his sonnets this summer. The town shut
down early because it was Sunday. Had a dinner at pub.

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