Castles...we love Castles! Monday, June 21

Pics: Drum Castle, Steps to Tower, Cragievar Castle, Burn O' Vat waterfall, Burn O' Vat cove

Mary Beth was brave today and was willing to drive me all over the countryside to look at castles. We dropped Steve off at Scotland Agricultural College(where he works) in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The first castle we saw was Drum Castle. We took the tour and it was pretty in a typical Victorian style like most of the castles that have been restored. The highlights actually came after the tour when we were able to see the neat little chapel behind the castle and had the opportunity to climb up to the top of the tower. The top was my favorite and was very worth the scary little circular stairway.

The second castle was Craigievar Castle which we only stopped and took picture of the outside. It was way pretty and pink! I think more of the castles should be pink!

After we picked up Steve, he took us to Burn O Vat, which is basically a carved out little cove. It had a waterfall and it was gorgeous. We then drove through the highlands and I even saw one of those hairy large cows!

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