Day Tripper: Saturday, June 19th

A day trip with MB and Steve. The countryside of Scotland is gorgeous. We drove around to three different little cities that were within about a 50 mile radius of Dundee.

The day started with Steve making me a traditional Scottish breakfast. It was yummy and meat filled. Black pudding=not bad!

We started our sightseeing at Falkland Palace. It was gorgeous and so full of history. The Royal Tennis Court was a highlight! The game played on the court is different than regular tennis and seems to be a cross between racquetball and tennis. (They can play off the walls). I also enjoyed the palace itself because it was redone and felt like I was walking back in history. The chapel was my favorite part because I felt the spirit as I thought about the twelve apostles that were honored by the gate before the alter. The grounds of the palace were very well kept. The flowers were simply amazing.

We had fish and chips alongside the beach at Anstruther. Man, I think that was the best fried fish I have ever had.

We then headed to St. Andrews. I didn't know much about that place until today. The famous university is where Prince William went to school. The place has a rich history due to the reformation of the Church of Scotland. A Catholic monastery and chapel once stood there.(Now beautiful ruins) Some of the challengers of the Catholic Church were executed at St. Andrews. The monastery actually had some relics including body parts of St. Andrew. He was crucified on an X. This is where the Scottish flag comes from! The university is there because Pope Benedict and another man organized it. Rich History, eh?

What an excellent and beautiful day in Scotland!

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