Friday, June 18: Good Ol' Dundee

Pics: Museum, Cemetary, Desperate Dan(he was a comic published in Dundee), Broughty Castle, More Castle.
Well, today was excellent. Scotland is beautiful and I think I said that around 1,000 times today.

MB took me to downtown Dundee where we took in the sights of the museum and a cool little cemetery. We then met Steve for and Indian buffet just by the Tay River. You could see the The North Sea in the distance.

We then took a bus to Broughty Castle. My first castle in Scotland did not disappoint. It was along the Tay but you could see The North Sea in the distance. We walked along the beach and found a cool garden.

We went to a traditional Scottish dance at the church. It was fun to dance one of the dances. Steve then took us to a cool lookout over the city. I didn't have my camera which was a bummer but I have the memories. Great day!

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