Leaving London, on to Scotland: June 17

Pics: Kings Cross Station, Pic of Scottish town from train, Haggis, Allotment, Pretty Flowers.

I took a cab to Kings Cross Station because my mom was a little nervous for me to use the Tube. It was actually a good adventure because my taxi driver gave me a good last tour of London.

The train ride was fun because the countryside is so pretty. Lots to see and it was relaxing. The Scottish people speak a different language because I had a real hard time understanding the train conductor when he would say where we were stopping. Good thing there are signs at the stations.

Steve and Mary Beth picked me up at the Dundee station and we went grocery shopping and we then had a tradition haggis meal. (It was actually vegetarian so no gut casing.) We then went to their garden allotment and it was pretty. Good first night in Scotland!

p.s. It is chilly in Scotland. Being next to the water and being more north sure does make a difference!

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