Let's Celebrate the Queen's Birthday! Saturday, June 12th

Pics: The Queen, What an Event!, Tower of London, Beefeater, Tower Bridge

Saturday. Went to parade for when the Queen celebrates her birthday.
Her actual birthday is in April. They have this parade every
June(better weather) for any king or queen. Lots of horses and
military. Also many VIPs went in the gates and were apart of the party
to say bye to the queen.

Went to the Tower of London. The beefeater tour was way cool. Could
have uses more time in the tower. We got stuck on bus route thanks to
the parade being by picidilly square.
Saw the crown jewels. It is cool yonder the actual crown. Also went
through the white tower where the first king lived and saw some of the
torture tools they used on prisoners. The roman wall could be seen
outside the walls o the tower. The ravens were cool. I is said that if
they leave the wall of the place will crumle. The Tower Bridge can be
seen from the tower. Beautiful.

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J.B. said...

This reminds me of when my sister was in London for the queen's birthday celebration. She brought me back a t-shirt that said "God Save the Queen." Loved it. Sounds like you did, too.